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Reiki, comes from the Japanese translation meaning universal energy which was described in the Usui system of healing.  It is a simple method of activating energy used for healing oneself, other people and animals.  The word Rei means highest outer spiritual energy and Ki is the inner life force healing energy, the words join to make Reiki. The system was discovered and developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922 to help others. He started the Reiki Society in Japan in Harajuku where he opened his first clinic and teaching centre.  The system was brought to the west (USA) by Mrs Hawayo Hiromi Takata.

My Japanese lineage  :

                                    Dr. Mikao Usui

                                    Kanichi Taketomi

                                    Ms. Koyama

                                    Hiroshi Doi

                                    Allan Sweeney

                                    Marilyn Boon

My Western linage:

                                    Dr. Mijao Usui

                                    Dr. Chijiro Hayashi

                                    Mrs Takata

                                    Phyllis Lei Furmoto

                                    Pat Jak

                                    Cherie A Prasuhn

                                    William L Rand

                                    Allan Sweeney

                                    Marilyn Boon

As a Level 4 Reiki Master Teacher, certified December 2002.  I conduct hands-on/off healing, distance healing, teaching certificates for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 and Healing Reiki Certificate. 

Reiki healing starts with healing first the emotional aspects, the spiritual elements and secondly the body. Therefore, Reiki 1 attunement is for spiritual healing. This allow the body and its functions to slowly be brought into balance and awakens the individuals inner spiritual nature.  Reiki 2 for physical healing. Reiki uses the frequency energy - non-touch, to allow energy from the hands to flow and disperse negative energy. Physical injuries that are localised are treated over several sessions, however, everyone is different and their healing takes on different time frames. It is usual to teach the patient Reiki 1 immediately so that they can enjoy peace, derive internal happiness and Reiki 2 from the second or third session, so they can enjoy physical wellbeing. Lepine (2018), writes in the Australian Journal of Traditional Medicine about Reiki in Australian hospitals and palliative care centres. Other research show symptom reduction in the critically ill . Baldwin et al., (2013) studies show Reiki is as effective as manual manipulation in improving movement in patients with painful shoulder limitation after a 10 minute treatment. Even though science has a hard time understanding the concepts of natural healing it has been accepted in many hospitals not only in Australia but in the USA, Brazil, and UK.

What a client can expect from a Reiki Treatment?

            The client either sits in a chair, or lies on a couch. In my clinic the client will be sitting in a chair/ recliner, remaining fully clothed.  The process will take approximately one hour.  The client will be asked to place their hands comfortably over their heart or solar plexus. A sense of calm and relaxation will follow. No discussion takes place during the session as 100% of my energy frequency is directed to the client’s healing. There may be some brief explanations, or directions. The client feels relaxed, they may feel sensations such as hot, cold, or tingling sensations when the practitioners hands pass over certain areas.  The areas covered are head, neck, shoulder, back, arms, hands, knee, and feet.  For the areas around the belly and hips the client will be directed to place their hands on those areas and a distant healing method will be used. For areas of the back, the client can stand or sit away from the chair, if lying on a bed, they will face downward. Clients are automatically enlightened by the treatment. Clients are not formally attuned unless they wish to attend a workshop to learn Reiki in depth. The number of sessions is directed by the client, however, in cases of long term illness, the client will be attuned in the third and fourth sessions, so that they can begin to heal themselves whether they continue treatment or not. Treatment typically is 2 - 4 times .  My recommendation is for a minimum of four treatments, once a week. However, the client’s treatment plan is discussed during the first session. Post treatment, there will be a short discussion of the session. Sometimes a client is not ready to leave, therefore please ensure you allow an extra half hour. Post session, it is recommended for the client to take time to gather themselves.  Enjoy their relaxed mood and benefits. It is preferable arrange to be collected.  The session time will escroll one and a half hours.  The cost of Reiki treatment is $75 per session. 

            If you are interested in workshops for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, please apply.

            Reiki came into my life in the 1990’s because my son was unwell and Reiki was used it to help myself and my son. Reiki brought me deep peace, profound good health and well-being.

If you have any questions that have not been covered here, please feel free to call on 0415493778 between the hours of 10am and 6.00pm Monday – Fridays, or email me on

Marilyn Colvin Boon 

Reiki Master

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