I don't want Ooch! during my birth

Why use hypnosis.... It removes the Ooch!

Hypnosis has been around since the earliest records began. As with birth, it is a natural and normal physiological function . Used in birthing it brings a deep sense of calm and peace.

As the mother enters the final stages of birth she is in an amnesiac state brought about by her body’s own release of birthing hormones that diminish pain..

This is identified as being in an altered “state”, such as light trance (daydreaming), effortless, and unconscious awareness. Being unaware or absent from the now, diminishing physical discomfort. Forgetfulness, or amnesia happens naturally, forgetting one's keys, or forgot the name of the person you were introduced to a moment ago and we see amnesia present in women's births. Distortion of time occurs in this state. Time flies, and the duration of experience appears shorter to the birthing mother who is in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the state. Learning how to hypnotise yourself is what you learn at The Alternative Centre. Hypnosis is simple, it is easy and anyone learn to do it.

How hypnosis can help during pregnancy, labour and birth.

The number one reason women want to learn hypnosis is because women do not want to feel pain! Hypnosis prepares the woman so that the pain receptors in the mind are altered. Instead they experience mild forms of discomfort such of tightening sensations, tingling sensations or stretching sensations instead of pain . Some women do not experience any discomfort whatsoever and even go on to have an orgasmic birth. If you can imagine it ,you can experience it. You learn to imagine what you want.

The benefits of learning to relax both the mind and the body will allow for the natural and almost seamless progression from pregnancy to labour and birth.

The mother and baby will both be relaxed. This is important, as birth is ordained by the autonomic nervous system, and not by timing or charting. Fear creates tension in the muscles in the body and in particular, the uterine muscles, that are required to work in synergy with both the inner and outer muscles and when these two are in conflict, pain is experience especially when there is resistance.

What are the advantages of using hypnosis?

Pain is diminished

Sensations are experienced

pulling, stretching, tightening

tingling, waving ,

Shortens the length of labour Babies are calmer Mothers in control of her birth

Less likely to require intervention

Bonding takes place automatically .Call me to book your session.

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