HypnoBirthing Classes

The Benefits of Private and HypnoBirthing Classes

The Alternative Centre is proud to offer the benefits of HypnoBirthing classes. Some clients prefer group HypnoBirthing classes, while others prefer private sessions on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. All class sessions are in five units, each 2.5 hours long. All HypnoBirthing classes are taught with the same information and structure, however, private sessions are altered for those who may have special circumstances.

The sessions are comprehensive and include a variety of techniques and tools for mind and body relaxation. Being relaxed has benefits to enhance comfort during birth by easing the perception of pain, thus a calm mother will birth a calm baby. Some of the techniques taught at our private HypnoBirthing classes on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, include using imagery to create a better sense of calm with the aid of visualization. Our birthing mothers have experienced shorter time in labour, less need for medical intervention, happier and calmer babies, due to the use of techniques and tools learned over the 5 sessions in the Warana, Sunshine Coast classes.

The alternative is to take group HypnoBirthing classes at The Alternative Centre. In these classes, clients still get plenty of private attention, as they allow for a maximum of just three couples. This allows for the teacher to better understand each client and to help them with whatever they each find to be most challenging.

The small group enables couples to thoroughly understand the material and prepare to make birth an easier and calmer experience. The HypnoBirthing Group sessions run over five sessions of 2.5 hours and use a variety of tools including visualization, imagery and breathing techniques to enable a calm and comfortable birth. Ongoing support is offered to practice the techniques post course.